Monday, January 9, 2012

Nigeria for Life

I have been trying to piece together my first of many posts about our trip to Nigeria and it's so hard to know where to start. Last night before I went to bed I did a brain dump of everything from our nearly 2 week trip that stood out to me.

There is so much to say!

In all going to Nigeria was life changing for me. Before touching down in Lagos I got emotional just thinking about how I was returning to not only where my ancestors were from but from where all of humanity originated (meaning Africa). This felt so powerful! I didn't cry but tears welled up in my eyes and I warned Mr. Love Bird that I was having "a moment." 

While I prepare and organize pics and details recapping our trip, I wanted to share my most favorite picture from nearly 1,000 we took:

I made her little skirt before we left for Nigeria - she loved it! More on that in a separate post.
To me this picture, taken from the garage leading out of our Aunt's compound symbolized the future our family will have in Nigeria, the opportunity and the expansiveness that I felt there.

Look forward to sharing more about our trip soon!