Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Little Love Bird Eats

As I mentioned in Nia's 18 month update, she's still nursing, but I'm noticing a slow increase in her cow's milk intake and trying other foods. We're not formally following baby led weaning, but I am employing the "let's keep trying lots of foods over and over and over until something sticks" approach. I've been able to get her to finally eat a bite of scrambled eggs on her own this way and several bites of chicken. I was beginning to think she had a real protein aversion or something (does that even exist?). 

Anyway, Nia was pointing for the camera the other day and I decided to snap a few pics of her in her high chair during her snack time. She usually sits in her booster seat at the table with me and Mr. Love Bird, but she asked specifically to sit in her high chair at this moment and wanted her baby doll and magnetic letters to accompany her. It was a strange combination, but I indulged her.