Thursday, February 9, 2012

Packing Away the Cloth Diapers

Since we've moved we no longer have a washer and dryer, but as I've seen posted on Cotton Babies, you can still cloth diaper via the laundromat. There's one less than half a block from our apartment so I decided to cost out how much it would be to continue cloth diapering Nia. Since you have to wash the diapers in a cold then hot cycle followed by drying the cost here is $7.50/load ($2.25 x2 (for washing) + $3 for drying). WOW! I know it wasn't nearly that expensive to wash them at home using our energy efficient w/d and multiplying this out by every other day (which is how often they need to be washed) this works out to $90/month.

Seeing that the total costs of cloth diapers for us was $200 there is NO WAY we're going to continue. Buying disposables at BJs is about $25/month plus $10 for wipes every 3 months. We're getting closer to potty training as Nia now recognizes the urge to go and asks vs. just being placed on the potty and told to go so I know we won't be using the disposables for long. I anticipate that she'll be potty trained before her 2nd birthday.

So we've packed up the diapers and plan on using them with baby #2. We'll be in a proper house by then with our own w/d. I can't wait for that day, but for now I'm very happy in our current apartment (which, btw unpacking is going well - just taking it slowly as I'm now in a boot since my fall right before Christmas). 

Overall, I'm glad we cloth diapered for as long as we did. People cloth diaper for different reasons and because it was financial for us, it no longer makes sense to continue.

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P.S. Something fun is in the works for Valentine's Day! I was the winner of Baby Making Machine's Valentine's Day outfit giveaway for Nia. Head over to Jenn's post to see what's in store for Nia. Can't wait to take pics!