Friday, March 2, 2012

Lil Love Bird Loves Our New Park!

Nia and I joined a moms' group in our new area and have attended 3 events so far! It's been a great way to meet new families and Nia loves socializing. 

Earlier this week we met up with a few other moms and kids to check out the new playground on the waterfront. It has spectacular views of Manhattan and is a very clean, safe space. It was sunny but a little nippy, and I can only imagine how packed it will be when the weather warms up. 

This park outshines many of the parks I visited in Manhattan although I still have a soft spot for Central Park's Heckscher playground (the oldest in the park). 

Check out Lil Love Bird's adventures:

First, she surveyed the territory

She warmed up and decided to tackle the stairs

Because of this she had sand in every nook and cranny!


She loved the sand table!

My brave girl!

She knew this was supposed to be a sprinkler and kept saying "water" while exploring it

I call this her "stank face"

This was her favorite attraction and my favorite picture from the day

Here's a video of her having fun spinning:


I know spring is a few weeks away but have you started enjoying the outdoors yet?


  1. I really like the idea of being part of a mommy's group...that's one thing I'm looking forward to joining when we have little kiddies!!

  2. Such a cute park! My little one still likes the playground, but my oldest is sadly too old for it now :( Still many great memories there though.
    We've been blessed with good weather here ( for the most part ) all winter long. Today was 80 degrees and we took full advantage of it - I love the warm weather!

  3. We've taken RJ out in his wagon a few times, but haven't made it to the park yet.
    Love the picture of the city:)