Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunny Days Ahead

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've had so far if you couldn't tell not only by the content but the grammatical and spelling errors in yesterday's post. 

I'm so thankful to those of you who shared supportive comments, emails, phone calls etc. Thank you so much!

When my DSLR arrived unexpectedly and the sun came out it felt good to get dolled up a bit and head out to enjoy the late afternoon/early evening. Nia and I met up with Mr. Love Bird at his company's happy hour at our local beer garden. It was a great night and complete 180 from the crappy day I had earlier. I got some great practice in shooting manual:

She was asleep when we arrived

In a few short hours Mr. Love Bird and I will be joining my BFF as we head out overnight to enjoy the Toni Braxton/Babyface concert then I'll come back and head straightaway to PA for a bridal shower. I'm gonna be one tired lady but I know the time away from Nia will do us good.

I had a good cleansing talk with my mother and weaning is definitely at the root of a lot of my frustration lately, and I know for a fact we are at the very end of our breastfeeding relationship (as of this writing, I haven't nursed Nia in 15 hours - the longest yet). 

There are definitely sunny days ahead.

What are you looking forward to this first weekend of spring?