Monday, April 16, 2012

How Are You Gonna Make Your Millions?

Now that the MegaMillions madness is over it's time to be realistic about how to make it big time . . .

I was checking out Bibs & Baubles' recent post about entrepreneurship when I came across this CNBC slideshow about people who quit their jobs to start businesses. 

I saw a few brands I recognized and really enjoyed reading their stories:

So cool that Terra Chips were created in a NYC apartment kitchen - Mr. Love Bird and I LOVE these!

 I always thought Kayak was a subsidiary of a huge travel company - so cool that it was a start-up!

Method products are so cool and I'm a sucker for their packaging!

While I don't have a drive to create an actual retail product, I still look to ideas like these from fellow entrepreneurs to help inspire me to build my business

How are you going to make your millions?



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