Monday, April 2, 2012

Lil Love Bird "Bakes"

A few months ago I mentioned my involvement with Juice in the City and now while I'm no longer with them as they are not in our new city, I realized I still had a voucher to redeem for $24 worth of toys at Doodle Doo's which I snagged for only $2.

After church last Sunday we made a family visit and let Nia wander the store and pick out a toy. It was a hard decision for her but knew when I spotted this and she responded, "Open, please!" that we made the right choice:

Nia fell asleep before we could get home and play with it (and she cried hard on the train to open the box!), but once she woke up she had a lot of fun. 

Disregard the recycling in the background and balled up pants behind me - we were in the moment!

Now she knows she has her own special drawer just for her!

I'm hoping to get her a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday that will replace where her changing table currently is (working on potty training now to make this happen). To see her play even without a play kitchen is so adorable and lets me know how much she'll love her little kitchen; she talks the entire time saying Lord knows what, but she sure does have quite an imagination already!