Friday, May 18, 2012

The Ultimate Brunch: Homemade Stuffed French Toast

Just in time for the weekend I wanted to make good on my promise to share my stuffed French toast recipe. I first had it in Boston, and while it was delicious I knew it could be better so when I came across America's Test Kitchen's recipe for it I combined what I liked about the version in Boston (jam) with the "science" of ATK (adding flour to the batter to give it the perfect coating). 

What resulted was mine and Mr. Love Bird's favorite brunch item {You can click above to get the full recipe so I'm just going to explain with mostly pics} . . .

I use Texas toast and bake per the directions to dry it out

This cinnamon/nutmeg cream cheese is the (addictive) key to the stuffed French toast

Even Lil Mogwai approved of the cream cheese mixture - she was sad it had to go in the fridge to set up

My tweak is adding strawberry preserves to the sandwich
The flour in the batter helps it grill up nicely

If not going to be eaten immediately they can go in the oven to stay warm but make sure you put on a raised rack so they don't get soggy!