Monday, June 25, 2012

You Don't Have to Own to Have Style at Home

Mr. Love Bird is very much design/decorating averse especially in a rental apartment. However, I feel like it's nice to come home to a pulled together apartment and I believe you don't need to invest in expensive pieces to add personality to one's home. Mr. Love Bird on the other hand is fine to live with naked windows and white walls which makes me shudder! He abhors the thought of putting holes in the walls although I've explained to him via Young House Love how easy it is to use spackle to patch the holes back up.

Anyway, I'm a fan of Erin Gates' style at Elements of Style and her Boston rental was featured on the new-ish lifestyle site I'm also a fan of called Everygirl.

Check out some highlights from her 2-floor garden apartment:  

Erin cites IKEA and Ballard Designs which I am also a fan of, the latter my mother brought my attention to years ago.

Speaking of rentals, Made by Girl has a regular feature highlighting bloggers who rent and the Good, Bad and Ugly about doing so. I highly recommend it!

If you rent, how do you make your space unique? Please share!