Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Birds' 1st Family Fireworks and More July 4th Fun

Mr. Love Bird and I had a really hard time remembering what we did last July 4th, and I went back on the blog and saw it was actually the day Nia took her first steps! How could we forget? {We didn't get the first moment on video but check out one we got soon after here!}

This year we kinda let events unfold as we thought them up - if that makes sense!

We started our day with our go-to celebratory breakfast of homemade pancakes and bacon then headed to a newly opened pool by us. Mr. Love Bird has heard me and Lil Love Bird talk about it non-stop and we've been something like 4 times in the past week already so we wanted to share the experience with him. Nia only wanted her daddy and it was so fun to see them together! 

After a couple hours at the pool we went to Sonic for lunch - we timed it perfectly to take advantage of half price drinks at happy hour! We were afraid Nia would sleep through the entire experience, but she woke up to enjoy a few treats. I do have to say though that it was nice for Mr. Love Bird and I to enjoy our hot dogs in peace when we first got there!

First time I ordered a 44oz drink - it was as big as Nia! It ended up thrown to the ground thanks to her tantrum O_o

On the way home (yes, we took public transportation and the entire ordeal took about 3 hours vs. a 30 min roundtrip experience), we were so hot that we ran through the sprinklers near a new splash pad by our apartment - well Nia and I did; Mr. Love Bird didn't want to ruin his new sneakers!

We cooled off for an hour before meeting a couple other families from our moms' meet-up group for ice cream at the famed Torico's which recently re-opened followed by fireworks on the waterfront. I wasn't sure how the kids would hold up but despite the heat they did fine! We skipped out before the finale to avoid traffic. Nia was yawning anyway so it was ok. It was so nice to return home to the central air, shower and get snuggled all into bed.

I was a copy-cat of a woman in front of me and got 2 scoops: green tea and pineapple cream; it was DIVINE! Nia had chocolate but it was too bitter and she wouldn't eat it, while Mr. Love Bird had dulce de leche and another flavor I can't remember. $15 though for ice cream?! CRAZY!

It's always magical for me to see the city go from this . . .

to this . . .

Eyes of wonder!

I love Lil Love Bird's sleeping feet!

Next up heading to Maryland for the weekend! Are your July 4th celebrations still going this upcoming weekend? How was your holiday?