Monday, July 16, 2012

The Epic How-To Do BlogHer/Blogalicious '12 Round-Up Post

For those of you attending BlogHer and Blogalicious '12 (or any other blogging conference)  - and even if you're not - this post is for you. I did the leg work so you don't have to!

Besides the helpful posts I shared when I first announced my attendance of BlogHer '12, here is a round-up of the top posts I've read since that have helped me get organized for BlogHer the first weekend of August here in NYC followed by Blogalicious the last weekend of September in Las Vegas. 
  • First, for those of you not attending either conference check to see if people are liveblogging for the conference. In the comfort of your own home/office (wherever!) you can get up to the minute recaps of the sessions. Well in This House just announced her liveblogging schedule here and there are bound to be many others. I highly recommend looking for these posts!
Now here are my tips for those attending the conferences: 
  • I found this interview with Lisa Stone, the found of BlogHer, immensely helpful in understanding its mission. I don't have money to waste, and it was important to me to know the backgound of what I registered for; what better way than to hear it directly from Lisa's mouth (I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple years ago and she really is gracious): 

  • BlogHer is known for their epic parties each night (including the infamous Sparklecorn - I shared the video here). There are also many off-site, private parties that are not sponsored by BlogHer. I had no idea of this until I started seeing mentions of this in my timeline then lo and behold I started getting invites myself. For an interesting take on why these some view these parties as unethical check out this post. (Babble also has a slew of other conference posts to check out.)
  • A couple thoughts about business cards . . .
    • Time and time again I see it posted that having a blog specific business card with your picture especially is important to be remembered at the blogging conferences; I was thinking of doing a fancy, unique card but one look at my budget said otherwise! I was still inspired by these cards featured on My Life Scoop: Great Resources for Business Cards Stationery
    • While reading BlogHer's post about The Top 3 Things to Know About Blogging Business Cards I came across a promotional offer for those attending BlogHer '12 to get 100 mini cards or 50 regular sized cards FOR FREE (only $3 processing) to be picked up at the conference. How cool is that? Click here for the promo. And if you want something extra fancy beyond this offer you can use my unique link to get your cards. I've already ordered my 50 cards; here's a sneak peek:

I changed up the cover via Vistaprint so I could have cards without the BlogHer '12 logo (it's part of the promo and can't be removed) to take with me to Blogalicious '12 and beyond:

  • Finally, (and this is the fun part!): wanna meet me at either conference? Just fill out this form! (Shout out to Baby Making Machine for the inspiration on the form!)
Any tips I missed? Other articles to share?

P.S. There's still time to sign up for my free Destination 101 wedinar tonight and tomorrow night at 10p.m. EST. Click here to do so!


  1. thank you for the awesome links and I just filled out the form, can't wait to meet you!