Thursday, August 9, 2012

Almost There . . .

I'm so thankful that I deliberately left this week empty/unscheduled apart from Nia's 2 year doctor appointment tomorrow! It's definitely taken me a while to recuperate from BlogHer.

I'm watching the weather forecast like a hawk since we're doing Lil Love Bird's 2nd birthday party at our local splash pad this Saturday (she turns 2 on Sunday). It's a Spiderman theme birthday and I can't wait to put her in her Spiderman tutu my mom made and her new t-shirt (it was only 99 cents!):
We had perfect weather last year and although our apartment this year is larger square footage wise, the layout of our old place was more conducive to having it as a back-up rain location. 

Here's the current weather situation: 

The weatherman is saying that things will clear up by the afternoon so with a 2p.m. start time I think we'll be ok!

Thinking of Nia's 1st birthday party has me thinking about my hair too. I was surprised at how fast it grew by the time of her 1st birthday party especially after giving up on transitioning the previous winter. I was pretty happy with my hair at the time of her birthday party but soon after whether because of stress from our impending move, trip to Nigeria and frustration with weaning my hair started thinning and shedding baaaad.

I'm scared about the same thing happening again (not sure if it's seasonal), but I want to take extra care of myself this fall/winter especially in relation to my hair. I'm taking my vitamins and eating right (for the most part!). My hair's been growing pretty fast and I've been stretching my relaxers as well.

I've written in my hair story posts (you can read those here) about my experience with discoid lupus and for the past 3 months I've been getting injections to grow my hair back from hair loss I suffered from the stress I mentioned above. So far it's working, but I need to do better at stress-management so I nip the source of the hair loss in the bud. Thankfully my hair's pretty thick so it's barely noticeable (except to Mr. Love Bird cause he's so tall!).

When it comes to stress I know it's unavoidable, but honestly I can't wait to get to a point where things are settled. I was telling Mr. Love Bird that I'm so thankful we're in a much better place this year and I understand we're in the beginning stages still of our family life, but I just want to feel at peace. We're most likely gearing up for another move come January so thinking of packing again is definitely making my head spin. Mr. Love Bird agreed he can't wait to feel settled too. The nomad life is getting stale! (And so much for my hopes of decorating our current apartment.)

I'm wondering if when we get to a resting place I'll feel more sure about having baby #2 cause for now I still have absolutely no desire for more children (btw someone I met at BlogHer thought I had announced on my blog that I was pregnant with #2; not sure where that came from!).

Anyway, for now I'm just going to enjoy Lil Love Bird's 2nd birthday with family and friends! Regardless of any storms that come I'm just glad we'll all be together.

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