Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Big (Brave) Girl Has a New Style

We've been relishing in the mild weather lately and trying to take Nia outside as much as possible before the cold sets in. Last week Mr. Love Bird was on his way out the door with our Lil Love Bird to practice on her balance bike and he exclaimed, "You need to do something with her hair!" I do admit I haven't been as adventurous with her hair and have mostly been doing either 4 puffs or two-strand twists. I go super quick since Nia doesn't have much patience. Well this particular time her hair was a big mess because I had just taken down her braids. She was going to have her helmet on anyway while riding her bike so I just swooped all her hair on the top of her head into a messy ponytail and clipped down the sides. It didn't look that great but I could see the makings of a cute style for her so I re-did it a few days later and loved how it came out:

Next time I want to detangle more so I can make her poof bigger!
I know it sounds vain and superficial, but I'm really observant of awkward head shapes and that was one of my concerns with Nia when she was in utero (remember her Harold and the Purple Crayon silhouette from her first ultrasound???). I was so happy to see her little, perfectly round head when I pulled her hair into a ponytail - no lumpiness! LOL! 

I admit she was a bit dressed up for the playground, but it was a good photo op and she decided to give the monkey bars a try (I was so nervous and wanted to help her with the first grasp, but she would fuss when I came close, as you can hear):

While I'm definitely a fan of her new ponytail, I'm very careful about not leaving it like this and changing up her style regularly so she can keep her edges in tact. 

Oh and about the monkey bars, I was more of a scaredy cat as a kid on playground equipment (I would be so nervous for the kids climbing ON TOP of the monkey bars - they were CRAZY!), but I can already tell Nia is completely opposite!

{For one mom's interesting take on letting her toddler explore read this.}

Were you an adventurous kid and if you have an adventurous kid how do you cope?