Monday, November 5, 2012

On Silver Linings

Nia's found her silver lining
Oh how it's so cliche to talk about silver linings, but I cannot help it in the aftermath of Sandy.

The end of our Sandy story has yet to be played out as we're still without power, but I am so thankful to be with family in Maryland still and for some sense of normalcy. My thoughts and prayers and still with those we left behind who are still deeply impacted and will continue to be so well after the physical clean-up has taken place.

The last time our little family spent this much time together was when we were in Nigeria earlier this year. Nia is loving having extra time with her dad and while he's working from home it's still a blessing to physically have him with us. 

Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel (formerly NY City Mama), posted this on Twitter in reference to the NBC News article discussing how folks are getting tired of being around their partners and children since Sandy, and I agree wholeheartedly with Carol:

This brought to mind a similar topic I've been wanting to post about regarding folks who claim they could never be stay at home parents because their children get on their nerves. Seriously? Why have children if you don't want to be around them? I won't go further here on that topic, but it's definitely something I want to revisit . . .

Anyway, back to the silver lining, thinking about family time we saw Flight with my parents Friday night (I highly recommend it), witnessed the awesomeness that is Wegmans for the first time at the new store near my parents' home, went to our cousin's wedding party Saturday night and had lunch with Uka's brother, sister-in-law and our niece and nephew yesterday after church.

On our way to our cousins' wedding reception
 Besides family time I've been:
  1. Working on my book (yes, I'm writing a book; no, I don't have a book deal yet, but I'll share more soon I promise!)
  2. Getting organized - before we left NJ I finally got my closet in order
  3. Picking back up on a couple projects that had been waitlisted 
  4. Continuing on my Big News Pt. 3 (still can't divulge details, but I will soon; here's Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)
  5. Catching up on email - in the flurry since Blogalicious then Sandy I'm still catching up
  6. Reading the last 200 pages of Breaking Dawn - I started the series when I was pregnant with Nia and at this point I just want to know how it ends; I still think it's awful writing though!
I'm especially glad that with the election tomorrow my mom gets the day off so she'll get to spend time with me and Nia. Mr. Love Bird will be on the road, and I hope we'll get to head back to NJ altogether otherwise I will stick it out here in MD then come back with Nia later in the week when/if power is back on.