Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Week . . .

Here's what's on deck for the Love Birds' Thanksgiving 2012:

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Williams Sonoma Turkey Brine - we swear by this stuff! I tried it for mine and Mr. Love Bird's first Thanksgiving when we were dating in Boston and while he scoffed at my Whole Foods turkey and brine he agreed it was hands down the best turkey he's had in his life and insists we repeat it annually. 

Silly Mr. Love Bird carving our first turkey in 2006
America's Test Kitchen's Macaroni and Cheese - the secret is cayenne pepper and ground mustard

Homemade Rolls -I use my dad's favorite recipe. Yes, it includes shortening but it's a 1x/year affair and I'm still alive after 32 years of these rolls! {We'll have good old Jiffy Cornbread too.}

Canned Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce - I know, I know! Bad, bad, bad but it's oh so good. I've tried the wholesome homemade stuff but keep going back to canned. 

Greens or Green Beans - I've told myself one year I'll try making these from scratch with ham hock and all but haven't done it yet. Will this be the year?

Stouffer's Stuffing - Again, packaged food but we love it! I've tried the homemade stuff but we just keep coming back to this mushy stuff from a box. GAH!

Sweet Potato Pie - While I do have to say Bob Evans' new pumpkin/cheesecake pie concoction is divine (I blame the nerve to try this on Sandy when we were staying at my parents'!), I hands down prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin pie. We use a basic recipe from {We might add a pecan pie too but we'll see . . .}

Oh and one more thing:

A Great Pair of Stretchy Pants!

What's on deck for your Thanksgiving menu?