Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Help Women Like Us: Join the SHE28 Campaign

I have to admit part of the reason I liked being pregnant was not having a period. By the time my period came back nearly 2 years had gone by since I had last had one! Now that I'm back in the flow of things it's a welcome reminder each month that my body is doing what it's supposed to. It's something many women in our country often take for granted - the ability to manage our periods and have access to sanitary products, but did you know in developing countries women and girls may lose up to 50 days per year of work or school because they don't have access to sanitary napkins?

I was introduced to SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) earlier this fall whose mission is to bring awareness to this often taboo topic that affects women's productivity and education worldwide. SHE's created SHE LaunchPads, an innovative and sustainable eco-friendly sanitary napkin using banana-fibers as their absorbent core which will provide women the ability to have access to affordable sanitary napkins. From an entrepreneurial perspective, their long-term goal is to help the women in these communities grow the production of the SHE LaunchPads into a sustainable business. How empowering is that?

Their SHE28 holiday campaign is currently running which will be producing 300,000 SHE LaunchPads for 3,000 Rwandan school girls attending 10 schools in the Kayonza district with the mass manufacturing of their SHE LaunchPads during their industrial-scale pilot in 2013. 

Want to join the SHE28 campaign and help SHE revolutionize access to maxi-pads? 

There are 4 great ways to get involved:
  1. Give $28. Support SHE.
  2. Break the silence and go viral - share the SHE28 campaign video with everyone you know!
  3. Get the word out! Tell your friends - donate your voice via SHE's special Thunderclap page running through December 24 which will amplify awareness via Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Follow SHE on its website and blog or find them on Twitter and Facebook.   
Want to learn more? Check out this amazing video demonstrating the mission and process of making SHE LaunchPads:


Let's help women like us worldwide!