Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preempting My Day

When I was single, living in Boston with 2 jobs there was only one way I could make it through each day: 

Preempting my day

My strategy was to make sure my lunch was packed the night before, clothes ironed and laid out and gym/work bag packed for the morning (I thank my mom for teaching me the importance of doing this at a young age!). I'd go to bed at 10p.m. on the dot and wake up at exactly 5a.m. (no hitting snooze!) so I could make it to the commuter rail into downtown Boston. From there I'd go to my gym then on to my first job. I'd scoot to my second job then repeat the process of getting ready the night before for the following day. 

The process of preparing is what I call pre-emption and I'm finding as a WAHM balancing multiple MPCs and family life that I have a better day if I start my day earlier. 

It's been very hard to do late especially since Nia doesn't nap or will fall asleep only when we're on our way home from an afternoon activity thus messing up her nighttime routine. When that happens I end up staying up until the wee hours to catch up on everything that didn't get done that day and I end up sleep deprived for the following day. 

What an ideal day would look like would be similar to how I did when I was single but instead I'd like to strive to place more emphasis on quiet time. If I can get up 2 hours before Nia wakes up, do some stretches, have quiet time (usually playing Hillsong's Pandora station) and get my mind right I know I'll have a good day (for the most part!). I want to be proactive vs. reactive. I want to already be in a good mood when Nia wakes up instead of having her wake me with a demand for food or to use the bathroom. 

It's been hard to do but I'm going to pray hard for strength to keep this routine.

Here's my current arsenal for pre-empting my day with quiet time especially:

1(my prayer journal)//2//3(my girly portable Bible)//4//5
  Do you preempt your day? What's your strategy for starting your day on the right food?