Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Squeaky Wheel #12: Krazy Glue to the Rescue

A few weeks ago Mr. Love Bird placed my favorite mug from our casual wedding china on our hardwood living room floor (why oh why he'd put it on the floor vs. on a coaster on the end table is beyond me!), but of course Lil Love Bird stepped on it slicing her foot and sending blood everywhere and all over our couch as well (if you follow me on Instagram you know our couch is pretty much done!). Well, Lil Love Bird handled it well, and I was proud of myself for not losing my cool - Mr. Love Bird felt bad enough.

Once Lil Love Bird was all cleaned up I moved onto repairing the mug. Thankfully Lil Love Bird didn't need stitches, but a good friend who's also a pediatrician who we happened to meet for brunch the following day was able to take a look at it and bandage it properly!

We had cheap 99 cent store super glue which hadn't worked on another item I tried to repair, so this time Mr. Love Bird bought the real stuff - Elmer's Krazy Glue. The package said that it was a thick gel and a no-run formula. Well something was wrong because it was super runny. It hadn't been in a hot place either so I wasn't sure what happened.

I promptly contacted Elmer's via e-mail who responded pretty quickly . . .

I also let Elmer's know on Twitter and they replied:

The replacement glue arrived a few days later and we tried again AND ran the mug through the dishwasher for good measure. 


Guess we had a bum tube of Krazy Glue.

As minor as it sounds this little customer service interaction made me happy (it's the little things!), and I'm back to using my mug {I LOVE our basket weave Martha Stewart casual wedding china from Macy's - and NO, that wasn't a sponsored statement ;-) }.

So moral of the story: if a particular product isn't working right ask for another before giving up on an entire brand. Sometimes it could be an off batch. Who knows?!

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