Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Atmosphere of Expectancy

My pastor from my hometown is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever known (now as a Toastmaster I realize even more just how brilliant he is!), and from an early age I remember him saying one of his favorite phrases that still sticks with me to this day:

"The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground of miracles."

In other words expectations can transform into amazing reality and lately I've been finding this to be very true. 

Another way of putting it as Savvy Mommy recently shared:

I saw this posted last Friday after I finished an amazing week of continuous good news - as each day went by it just got better and better (and even as this post has sat in my draft folder additional blessings have come my way!). More and more doors were opening for me and each day I grew in expectancy - in hope! It really fed on itself. 

It's cliche to say when a particular opportunity doesn't pan out that something better is bound to come up, but that's exactly what's happened to me recently in the event of Good News #3. For those of you who remember I had shared two other good pieces of good news with promises of a third to follow. Well when the third fell through (always be cautious to share what has happened not what might happened!) it blasted open the door for another MPC that I'll be sharing more details about soon, and it's something I know many of you, as moms, will love!

I just wanted to share this bit of hope with those of you who are having a hard time expecting miracles in whatever area of life you may need them. Wake up each day excited for what surprises big or small may come your way. I get excited for the small, yet thoughtful, stuff like my mom sending me a surprise subscription to Real Simple to a friend offering to pick me and Lil Love Bird up (in the outskirts of Jersey City!) for an impromptu play date. I get excited for blogging stuff too like a giveaway request being answered or getting invited to review a product I've been eyeing for a while. I really do count it all joy! 

Rejoice in all miracles and expect more - bigger and better each time!


P.S. Speaking of giveaways I have a fun tomorrow one for those of you who have little girls in your life! Annnnd I'll be announcing the winners of the Praying Circles Around Your Children giveaway. Stay tuned. . .