Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark & Lovely's Au Naturale Launch

Last week I headed into the city to check out Dark & Lovely's Au Naturale launch - it boasts the ability to reduce shrinkage, something Lil Love Bird deals with (more on the results below!) so I was very excited to learn about the new product line which was hosted by the gorgeously coiffed Curly Nikki and Marsha Ambrosius

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There were tasty hors d'ouvres and drinks while guests mingled at the fab venue, Arena, had some fun at the photo booth, received hands-on styling tips from experts and listened as Dark & Lovely explained the benefits of the product line.

Check out some highlights:

Marsha Ambrosius and Curly Nikki {Image Credit}

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 I had to leave right after the press event, but later it heated up for the public event - I heard it was a fun night! {Image Credit}
I was really excited to try the products out on my Lil Love Bird especially as her curls shrink up so tightly and I love to let her go with curls free. Not only do the products smell good enough to eat, which was mentioned at the event, but there are a variety of products depending on what you want your hair to do (ex. twist, braid, loc or wear out in tight curls or loose curls). 

Since we were preparing to go away I washed and conditioned Nia's hair then did a two-strand twist so she could arrive at our aunt and uncle's home in style. Her hair usually shrivels right up after I braid but check out the results and steps below . . .

After shampooing with Hydrating Soak Shampoo one time I left the Knot Out Conditioner in for 15 minutes and combed through
I applied the 10-in-1 Styles Gelee to each section of hair before twisting; when finished I sprayed lightly with Sheen Sealing Nectar for shine
While I think I could've stretched her twists more she fussed the entire time I did her hair (as usual), so I was rushing by the time I got to the back. I like the length she got on her front braids, the pleasant, sweet, but not cloying, smell of the products as well as the shine from the spray. Additionally, I liked that I didn't have a sticky residue left on my hands - an issue I've had with the Shea Moisture souffle that I've used to define Nia's curls in the past. Next, I look forward to sharing my experience when I try the curl defining Au Naturale products on her afro. . .

For my curly readers: what products have you had success with reducing shrinkage?

Disclosure: I received a gift bag of products at the event; all opinions expressed are my own.