Monday, February 4, 2013

Lil Love Bird's Appreciation of Michael Jackson

Before having kids there were super important things that Mr. Love Bird and I agreed upon such as the fact that our children would know from an early age who Michael Jackson was. He was such an important part of our childhood and when he passed away the day before we were married it struck us hard, but we were so busy with the wedding that we didn't fully feel the impact of his passing or for me, properly mourn. 

We play Pandora through our Roku box and the images of the current song playing bounce around like a screensaver on our TV. Lil Love Bird watches the images and dances around. We love dance parties! Michael Jackson's station is one of my favorites so I've started telling her who he is when his songs pop up and his image. Now when she sees him she yells, "Michael Jackson!" and sometimes even when away from the screen she'll still say his name usually correct in recognizing it's him or at least recognizing the 80s sound (yes, we play Journey and Christopher Cross' station in our home too!).  

I captured a MJ dance party moment Lil Love Bird and Mr. Love Bird had while I was preparing dinner last week . . .

Do you find your kids have an appreciation for the things you enjoyed growing up?

P.S. Nia danced SO hard watching Beyonce on the half-time show last night that she conked right out after! Thanks Beyonce for making our bedtime routine so easy ;-)