Monday, March 18, 2013

A Glorious Manhattan Weekend (& a Breathrough)

This weekend was the kind that makes me fall back in love with NYC - Manhattan specifically. Mr. Love Bird, as a native New Yorker, has always been baffled by my love of the city. He thinks us transplants have a mistaken obsession love for Manhattan in particular forgetting that NYC indeed has several other boroughs, but I'm thankful to report a breakthrough: walking through the streets of the city Mr. Love Bird turned to me and said, "I get it - I understand that you miss this Manhattan life" and I was like, "Yessssssss." 

It was a glorious MANHATTAN weekend, and he got it. 

Better late than never. 


After Lil Love Bird's perfect dental check-up we headed into the city . . .

"I see buildings mommy!"
IMAN BB Creme full review to come ...
We love Panera's new tortellini!
Our late dinner of homemade chicken-Gorgonzola pizza to celebrate Mr. Love Bird's return from being gone all week on business (read about our pizza adventures here!)


She snatched my deoderant after her bath and knew exactly what to do!

Eataly is a must-visit for any foodie...

My sister, birthday girl Lauren, imparts knowledge to Lil Love Bird
She loves ice cream - even reading about it - with Uncle Van
No, she didn't pull the $50 olive oil off the shelf ;-)

My favorite dish at La Pasta - Cacio e Pepe
Love my sisters!


With my Wellesley sisters Melissa '04 and Millicent '03 (I'm '02) at Sugar & Plumm

How was your weekend? (If you can't tell we overdid it on Italian food all weekend!)


P.S. I promise I haven't forgotten the last part of my cruise recap - if you haven't caught up on it check it out here. . . Oh and don't forget to enter my NYC Kids Bookshop's book giveaway for kids! Spring is a great time to update your kids' library =)