Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meeting Bloggers IRL Pt. 2

I've shared before how I really enjoy meeting fellow bloggers IRL (in real life) so here's an update on a few that I've met up with lately in order of most recent . . .

Monica of So Family at last week's Mom Trends travel event (didn't get a pic together but more on the event and better pics to come!)
Sona of the former While Sol Sleeps at Liberty Science Center with our cuties - hers was one of the first blogs I ever followed!
Dani of OK Dani and her son before we headed out to P&G's Best of event

Carol of Girl Gone Travel (formerly NY City Mama) 

Ruby of Growing up Blackxican at Toy Fair 2013 (we first met at Blogalicious '12)

Amy of Teach Mama at the Melissa & Doug booth at Toy Fair '13 (we first met at Blogalicious '12 as well!)
Dr. Yakini of Reality TV Fashion (formerly Prissy Mommy) at Blogalicious '12 (so happy to get this pic recently!)
It's top priority for me to step from behind the computer screen and get out there! And since blogging conference season is warming up (check out a comprehensive listing here) it's perfect timing to consider this. 

If you blog, how do you connect with fellow bloggers IRL? Conferences, local events or your own one-on-one meet-ups, such as coffee chats? 


P.S. I'm still on a mission to get that pic of me and Jenn of Baby Making Machine from BlogHer '10!