Monday, April 29, 2013

The Move

This time last week I didn't know we'd be moving but as I write this I'm sitting around boxes and the movers will be here tomorrow morning. It all happened so fast that I'm having a hard time processing it!

Similar to our unit

So quickly, before I have to run Nia to her preschool prep class (catching the bus there for the last time today as we'll now be within walking distance!), here's what happened:

A fellow meet-up mom posted a unit was available in her apartment a few miles from us, and we decided on a whim last weekend to go check it out. We're in a month-to-month and thought we'd just see what was in that area since we weren't familiar with it. Well a few things sealed the deal for us:
  • Close proximity to the PATH train which goes right into Manhattan (no more dependency on the light rail/bus which then connects to the PATH)
  • In a urban renewal area - much cleaner, safer and more retail options than our current neighborhood and much more diverse
  • 10 minute straight bike ride to Mr. Love Bird's office (his current commute is 15 minutes)
  • Nia's fall preschool is a 3 minute walk around the corner from our apartment (we register her bright and early Wednesday) and her preschool prep class (ends in June) is a manageable 12 minutes walk
  • Adjacent to a college that allows us to use their new sports complex and Mr. Love Bird knows the bball coach so he's super excited to reconnect with him
  • Across the hall neighbors (the fellow meet-up family who told us about the unit) are great and have kids around Nia's age - they hit it off immediately when we met and Nia keeps asking about them!
  • WAAAAAY bigger than our current space - it's a 2-story loft with lots of sunlight, balcony with a view of Manhattan (SO excited to get my view back that I had when I first moved to NYC in '07 - I've missed it ever since!)
  • 6" concrete floors - we're SO sick of being able to hear our neighbors even when they sneeze, turn on their bathroom exhaust fan and do "other" things . . .
Living in our current space definitely served a purpose. Having 3 bedrooms to spread out was great but the area just wasn't cutting it. We know there's a good chance we'll have to relocate again due to Mr. Love Bird's job, but for now this opportunity opened, we prayed on it and when everything started falling into place we knew we were on the right track.

Now back to finish packing, and I hope to try to come back later with another post. We'll see. . . 


P.S. My post Living in the Midst of Ratchedness I linked to above ended up getting picked up by a local forum and turned into a political thread! I figured it out when my traffic spiked like crazy and someone had first posted it on my neighborhood site without giving credit to me. I told them to either give me credit or take it down and they did. Isn't that weird? It lives on in the local forum though properly linking to my blog.