Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 Recap

If you haven't noticed from my previous 80s childhood posts, I'm a big kid at heart who still has an obsession with loves toys so when I had the chance to attend Toy Fair 2013 right here in NYC I knew I had to go!

When selecting brands to visit at Toy Fair my mission was two-fold:

1) Focus on brands with a green/educational (mostly Montessori) theme

2) Include a bit of nostalgia when possible!

Thankfully the Toy Fair website was great for helping me strategize which brands I wanted to meet with in advance -  creating a shortlist was key to staying on task amongst the hundreds of vendors:

I'm excited about these kits from the "Tots" line - we're big on crafting in our household!

I couldn't leave without giving the funny faces photo booth a try . . .


Curious Chef

We love including Nia when we cook and bake and Curious Chef's products are made for actual use - not just for play. I couldn't find the picture I took of the booth but they have a new product caddy coming out that's great for including your child's utensils on the countertop. Can't wait for it to hit the market!
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We had recently introduced Nia to sushi, and I couldn't get over how cute this was!
Perfect size for the urban chef!

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug's "booth" was quite impressive  - one of my faves!

This loom was impressive - more intricate than the pot holder loom I grew up with!
Nia's been into cleaning lately, inspired by her weekly preschool prep class activities and our at-home Montessori curriculum

I was intrigued to learn about Plan Toys sustainability and eco-friendly practices including Plan Wood
I especially appreciate the emotional tiles - a subject we're working on with Nia; the rep explained that special needs children find them helpful as well

Pressman Toy Corporation 

I loved playing this as a kid and am excited to see it updated!
Yessssss please!

Ride Along Dolly

Just in time for spring this new toy let's your child's doll literally "ride along"

Tiny Love 

We love our Tiny Love mobile and still use the music and light box connected to Nia's toddler bed, but I was excited to see this new model that grows even older with the child
Wonder Forge 

I also met these exciting brands impromptu . . .



Bob McGrath

I grew up on Sesame Street and love watching the Old School DVDs with Nia - Bob even signed his CD for her!

They had a "resident artist" at their booth helping attendees pool their creativity into a mural:

Go! Go! Sports Girls

As someone who played sports growing up this was the type of doll I wish I had. The owner is also a mom and athlete - hooray for mompreneurs! After the Toy Fair, Nia was excited when I presented her with her very own Go! Go! Basketball Girl (a feature post to come . . .)

Green Toys 

Best known for their tug boat, I love that Green Toys are dishwasher safe! Bathtub toys can get so gross sometimes.

We're avid tea partiers and I'm glad I can rest assured that this is safe to drink out of


The rep got a kick out of the fact that Nia renamed Boo, Toby on her own

Little Partners

This Montessori based, mom-owned company was very inspirational! It was fun to see all the ways the Learning Tower could be used.
I was very excited to visit this booth especially as I had written a post about one to build a while back

Win Green 

These handmade playhouse from the UK were adorable - Win Green was a first-time exhibitor
Do you have any of these toy brands in your household? Which are your faves? I'll be back with a few individualized brand posts and giveaways...stay tuned!


P.S. Thank you to Amy aka Teach Mama and fellow Blogalicious '12 attendee who encouraged me to apply for a Toy Fair 2013 press pass!