Thursday, May 2, 2013

Best May EVER!

Only 2 days into May and already this is turning into an amazing month!

First off, cause the weather here in NYC is finally cooperating - no more faux spring (and not a bad view either from our new place!):

Why hello Empire State Building - I've missed you!

I can't believe the move went off pretty seamlessly; if you had told me a couple weeks ago I'd be moving in a week I'd have laughed at you and called you crazy! I'm now on the other side of the move still in shock but elated and feeling blessed.

Yesterday I was up bright and early at 4:30a.m. for preschool registration - only a 3 minute walk from our new place! If you follow me on Instagram you saw how intense the line was already at 5:45a.m. I received a coveted ticket to come back at 10a.m. (at that point Nia was with me) and we successfully completed registration at 1:30p.m. 

This is my Lil All Grows Up* Love Bird once we were done (*yes, I used a Swingers reference):

Nia will be attending school this fall Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-2:30p.m. - she was the most popular preschool registrant among her future girl classmates in line due to her princess tin ;-)
We did hit a little snafu with our electric and gas being delayed in the new place, but I was able to get it connected a day earlier than they originally said AND they even came an hour earlier on top of that. Thankfully our previous landlord (who's a dream) let us keep our stuff there in the fridge/freezer til we were all set at our new place.

Today, I'm just unpacking and trying to fit in some work (SO excited for a mompreneur event tonight which involves a dessert potluck!). We love our new place, the view, the walkability (it has a score of 95 - the best of any place we've lived!), the affordability...ALL OF IT!

When I think back to the end of '12 when I was attempting to map out '13 I had put Mom 2.0 down on my calendar which started today. I really, really wanted to go, but didn't publish that desire here or talk to anyone else much about it, but once registration came and went I was a bit bummed, but now seeing how things worked out with our move (which is much better IMO!) I'm glad I didn't get to go to the conference and will now try again for '14 (still super excited for Blogalicious '13 though annnnd for those of you who keep asking about BlogHer '13 I hopefully will have an answer soon ::crosses fingers and toes::).

Time and time again things like this happen and as I've written before I've learned not to get worked up when stuff falls through and plans change. Who knows what's waiting around the corner? While it sounds cliche and while what's waiting around the corner could be bad I've learned more often than not it's good, and if it's bad it sure is a lesson and training in endurance, faith and patience. So be encouraged and hang in there! 

Have you had an trial of endurance? How do you stay encouraged?


P.S. Please bear with me while I get back on schedule - I have some fun event recaps and giveaways coming up!