Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot at Last!

I'm mad at myself for not getting a pic of Lil Love Bird in the pool this morning during our first seasonal visit so I'm using a "Throwback Thursday" pic above from last July. ARGHHH! She's turned into quite the waterbaby that I was so busy with her that I couldn't snap one. This little girl will straight jump into the pool so I had to be on guard the entire time!

Anyway, now that it's finally heating up here in NYC there's a lot on my mind. I think it calls for a list . . .
  • I need to work on my fitness and this post on building a fit booty is definitely an area I need some help with 
  • With graduation season upon us, this style is making me wish I was natural when I graduated
  • I'm refusing to turn on the AC despite it approaching 90 degrees, but if it gets unbearable I'm totally cranking up the AC tomorrow afternoon when Nia naps and watching the last two episodes of The Bletchley Circle that I missed (yes, I'm a PBS nerd!)
  • Speaking of trips the beautiful images in this post are the reason why I now need to go to Bali STAT!
  • I've just added another profit center that I can't wait to share with you guys and speaking of which this post about preparing for life without a salary is a great piece if you're considering ditching corporate
How is the warm weather inspiring you? (and NO it's not summer, it's still spring - one of my huge pet peeves is people calling it summer already LOL!)