Thursday, May 9, 2013

Join in the 1st Annual National Family Playdate This Saturday!

Growing up playing multiple sports and now being married to a former professional athlete, being active is definitely a part of my life so when I was invited to participate in Merck's launching of its National Family Playdate via the Active Family Project I jumped at the chance! 

Located at the Gramercy Terrace, it was an engaging afternoon filled with challenging discussions on parents' roles in leading their families in an active lifestyle as well as unique ways that we can get moving with our families. The Active Family Project provides moms, from sources like its Play Council, with family-friendly tips and advice. This health and wellness initiative is designed by Merck to help moms overcome their worries about doing it all and truly be at their best by being active and enjoying time with the ones they love.

I enjoyed hearing from members of the Play Council including travel, parenting and sports experts Erin Gifford, Amy McCready and Frank Engh, respectively, as well as celebrity guest Elisabeth Hasselbeck. 

I remember seeing Elisabeth on Boston College's campus when my husband played basketball there and Mr. Love Bird was well acquainted with her husband Tim, a fellow athlete at BC. As wives of athletes, when the floor opened for questions I asked Elisabeth how we can best participate in getting active with our families when it seems to be "dad's job." She recommended that we just get out there and participate in any way possible so that our kids see good examples of their moms being active - so that it becomes the norm. I wholeheartedly agree!

Interestingly, Frank, founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, shared the dismal statistics on lack of moms coaching their kids' sports teams and his belief that women are better equipped to coach especially when kids are just entering sports mostly due to their nurturing nature. However, the point was raised that there were often responsibilities that mother's have which often prevent them from coaching. Personally, as someone who played sports growing up I do remember my mom being more in the background and my dad being more hands-on when it came to sports. I hadn't thought of ever coaching my future kids' teams and while we're not quite at that point now, this conversation definitely sparked my interest in pursuing this in the future. Whether it be a pee-wee basketball team, tennis or soccer I think I definitely want to take the lead in coaching one of Nia's future teams!

With the weather warming up and Nia constantly begging to be outside (she's such a summer baby!) I'm looking forward to kicking off this outdoor season this Saturday at the National Family Playdate. Since Nia's been out of the stroller for a while now we love allowing her to have independence and walk on her own when we're out and about the city. Perhaps we'll explore our new neighborhood on foot this weekend and head over to our local park - she's especially been asking to swing lately so I think a swinging contest is in order!

What activities are you looking forward to this outdoor season with your family

RSVP for the National Family Playdate here and be sure to check out the Activity Finder to find inspiration for fun playdates in your area!

Disclosure: I received product samples and a $100 gift card from Merck Consumer Care, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Merck Consumer Care.