Monday, July 8, 2013

A Winning July 4th

I know I mentioned in my last post that it was the best July 4th ever, but it ended up getting even better after I hit "publish." 

Follow along to see what happened . . .

Scoping out the view with Aunty Lauren
Hooray for hanging out with awesome blogger friends IRL (that's OK Dani btw!), and for DHs who meet for the first time and engage in deep, deep conversation - I'll stick with comparing blogging conferences!

Lil Lovebird's first time in the ocean - she kept calling it the pool! To say she loved it is an understatement. We'll be heading back next weekend!
Aunty Ariane joined us!
I was all set for the beach trip to be the ending of the excitement of our July 4th weekend until I saw this:

I was squealing and in complete shock! I LOVE Design Mom and had *just* mentioned needing a gadget upgrade the day before when our friends were over. Also this is perfect timing especially with Blogalicious around the corner and the need to get artwork up on the walls of our new place which I can't wait to do with the canvas. 

But that's not all . . .

Later I was scrolling through my Old Reader feed (of the three Google Reader replacements I mentioned I'm trying this so far is my favorite) and saw this over on The Pinterest Project:

It took me a minute to figure out it was me! I guess all the sun from the weekend got to my head O_o  What's so cool is a few craft supply goodies come with the prize, and I can't wait to get started on some fun projects with my Lil Lovebird! (BTW definitely check out Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids site for crafting inspiration - it's a well organized site with high quality videos.) 

The rest of the holiday weekend it was HOTTTT - talking 95 degrees, heat advisory hot - so we took it easy and mostly stayed indoors apart from a visit to the splash pad and an evening neighborhood stroll . . .

I finally broke out my pink Foster Grants I received at Getting Gorgeous, and Mr. Lovebird deemed them "Vegas-worthy" . . . October can't come fast enough!

So yes, it was a winning July 4th holiday, annnnnd I'm extra excited for this week because my segment on The Chew airs tomorrow, Tuesday July 9 at 1p.m. EST on ABC so set your DVRs (I'll be sure to do a reminder post tomorrow morning and on social media as well!).

What was your favorite part of your holiday weekend?


P.S. I'll be back shortly with a fun giveaway for the little artist in your life . . .