Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Young House Love Inspired Office Makeover

Yesterday I shared my experience meeting YHL, and today I'm sharing my office makeover inspired by their book. While our current apartment is by far my favorite apartment of the five I've lived in during my six years in metro-NYC (crazy, right?!), our last apartment with a 3rd bedroom still holds a special place in my heart because I was able to use it as an office. It had great light and kept me motivated knowing I had a dedicated space to work. Unfortunately, I didn't get my act together to straighten up the room until nearly one year living there, but once it was put together it was such an inspirational space for me.

Take a look at the transformation . . .


In Progress:


The roller shade was leftover from our last Harlem apartment, and we've since replaced the bookshelf
For that empty wall above the desk I was thinking of doing a postcard collage from the postcard guestbook we had at our wedding. There was an example of the collage in YHL's book and a different version that used ledges here. This was the original plan for the postcards, but I kinda don't like the idea of framing the whole thing because I'd want to be able to see the messages on the back of the postcards (a few guests wrote on the front too).

This was the wall opposite the bookcase that we used for Nia's preschool prep lessons:

Our new apartment is a loft style, and I'd like to makeover this long space outside the laundry closet (first door on the left) and my walk-in closet (straight ahead) as a workspace; would it be too tight? And of course the boxes and drying rack wouldn't be there!:

I LOVE the sunlight this space gets!

Mr. Lovebird is concerned that Lil Lovebird would climb a future desk and launch herself over the half-wall which overlooks the first floor (she hasn't tried this yet on the shelving unit already there). I could possibly put up an extra long gate from the banister to the wall or just upgrade the make-shift corner office we have in our bedroom for now using our existing corner desk perhaps like this. Only issue there is I really dislike having a dual office/bedroom space especially if one of us needs to sleep (I mostly use the desk anyway). Decisions, decisions . . .

Do you have a dedicated home office space? What are your thoughts on having the office in the bedroom?