Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just What I Needed to Read Right About Now

Disclaimer: all venting is done in love ::kisses::

I've been in a venting kind of mood lately (if you were to ask Mr. Lovebird he'd tell you I'm permanently venting!), and I received Claudia Chan's email newsletter this week with these snippets I needed to hear:


So for those of you who do more of the "outreaching," my advice is don't take it personally and keep following up! . . . For those of you on the other side who get contacted too much . . . a quick response is better than no (or very delayed) response.

Now why can't this be posted on billboards across the country and broadcast on the nightly news???

As someone who's posted about integrity, lack of response (especially in regards to time sensitive material), and other interpersonal/communication failures it's definitely something I needed to hear. (Oh and yes, email communication does fail as I learned with Evite's errors with Nia's recent birthday party and yes, invitations get lost in the mail. Ughhh!)

I'm usually one to let newsletters like Claudia's pile up in my inbox, but when I happen to catch a glimpse of a nugget like this it keeps me from hitting the unsubscribe button. 

What advice is currently keeping you motivated?


P.S. I love following loads of folks/companies on social media for nuggets of info/humor/advice (I'm a self-help junkie!), but I just hit my Twitter following limit so I'm going to have to start cleaning up my following list. Now that I know this happens I guess I can stop taking unfollows so personally - they're a necessary evil I guess.