Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

Reunited with her Daddy after his monthly week away
Up past her bedtime at IKEA
Our best year yet! Took 4 years to get it (mostly) right. Lots more pics to come . . .
Summer birthday party season continues
My first go-around at back-to-school shopping left me in need of a pedicure!
Hooray for new furniture/reorganization - the low buffet was where the new china cabinet is now
We're gearing up for our last trip of the summer - a long weekend/family reunion in MD this Thursday through Sunday! Do you have an upcoming last summer trip or are you done for the season?


P.S. So many posts, so little time! I'm not the type of blogger to apologize because it means I'm out and about living, right??? Catch up with me on Instagram until I get situated . . .