Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Yorkers Know How to Square Dance Ya'll!

I was passing by Bryant Park last week and happened to see the last of 3 square dances was happening this week. "Square dancing? In New York?" I thought and promptly checked my calendar, saw there was nothing going on and decided pending good weather I would take my Lil Lovebird after school. As the date got closer I checked the weather, saw it was going to be a beautiful night and invited my sister and a friend to join us. Next, I showed the event link to Mr. Lovebird, and he told me he wanted to come too. I was surprised that he'd be interested especially as a born-and-bred New Yorker I thought he'd think it was strange, but maybe like me he was just curious!

Regardless, it was a date and Nia was so excited that morning knowing that after school she was going to her first ever square dance party. 

We had a blast . . .

Blurry but too cute to pass up! Brings to mind their first video.

Here's a quick video of everyone warming up:


I had to do a square dance module in 5th grade, and I remember actually having a lot of fun and my class doing a big performance for friends and family. Do any of my readers have square dancing experience?