Thursday, November 21, 2013

1,000 Posts

I love celebrating birthdays, but when it comes to other milestones for some reason I'm not a big celebrator. I can't tell you the "dateiversary" of me and Mr. Lovebird or the anniversary of our first kiss and when it comes to blogging I don't even notice when my "blogiversary" arrives. However, as I've been writing the past couple months I've noticed my 1,000th post approaching in my  dashboard's post count tally and here it is.

I guess I should celebrate, right?

Keeping up with blogging is not hard, but it takes dedication. I'm committed to it after having kept a journal since I was 7; it just feels natural to write in some form!

Blogging has been a good metaphor for other areas of my life that I need to be as committed ...
  • A daily quiet time
  • Exercise
  • Eating more fruits and veggies
  • Getting better at braiding Nia's hair (her screams even when I lightly touch her hair stop me cold!)
  • Writing outside the blog
I think it might be time to use the blog as a type of accountability partner - have any of you ever tried that? It's a very public way to stay dedicated, and I'd rather do it here than clogging up my other social media feeds with all the oversharing that drives people nuts.

How do you stay accountable? Help me out!