Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How We Created a Christmas Home

As 2013 is practically over, I realize I often look to my blog as a scrapbook especially since I've journaled since I was 7 but not as frequently since starting this blog in 2009. Before the year ends (right under the wire!) I wanted to be sure to capture how we created a Christmas home this year. In all the places we've lived since being married for 4 1/2 years, this apartment has really started to feel like a home, and I'm thankful to Mr. Lovebird for being on board with projects/decorating (remember the headboard he made?).

So here we go: a few snapshots of how we created a Christmas home this year (and yes, our tree is still up - it comes down tomorrow!):

Our Tree:

Mr. Lovebird agreed this Type A method for stringing lights was best and indulged me by following it to a T!
 Our Entry:


 Our Mural - updated from this one (inspired by Hey Natalie Jean):

Our Aroma:

A perfect simmer pot recipe

Other Little Touches:
Love Energizer's flameless candles - they even have scent AND timers!

Added a few extra festive vases - Nia kept trying to steal the candy canes!

Is your tree still up? How did you create a Christmas home this year? 

P.S. I've shared Jones Design Company's amazing Christmas home before, but for next year's inspiration I'm looking to how they decorated for the holidays this year - absolutely stunning!