Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lil Lovebird's Updated Advent Calendar

In addition to Nia's My Urban Baby Advent calendar and her traditional IKEA one, we revived last season's Advent Calendar. I forgot I had saved the bags, and so I was extra excited to save a step when I pulled them out the Christmas box. 

A quick trip to Target's dollar bins to pick up mini-presents like stickers and Play-Doh when we were in Maryland visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and I was all set!

This year rather than place them in a rectangle shape, I set up the Advent calendar bags as a Christmas tree topped with a star. It's hidden from view at the base of our stairs and with Nia's early morning rising it's her first stop as the climbs the stairs to wake us. Sunday she popped in our room and excitedly exclaimed, "Mommy you know 8 is next? YOU. KNOW. THAT!!!" I really wasn't ready to wake up but her enthusiasm made me laugh and we made our way downstairs to open day 8. 

Out of all her Advent calendars this one is her favorite, and I'm kind of partial to it because it's my idea ;-)

I'm hoping the bags hold up next year, but if not I have red bags you can see in my Target basket pic up up above - I bought them thinking I didn't save last year's bags and I think the color would look better against the white wall! 

For Advent inspiration here's a fun round-up from Apartment Therapy.

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