Friday, December 27, 2013

Lovebirds at the "Can House:" Our First Annual Family Ski Trip

I've referenced the "Can House" a few times on social media including this Instagram post, but I'm excited to share with you the full details about this very unique property we stayed at last weekend for our first annual family ski trip.

My brother-in-law orchestrated the trip and found the house which he ran by us. Nia watched this fascinating video clip of it with me, and declared it the Can House. She was so excited to announce that we were going there before we solidified it. We even considered another, less quirky property, but in the end I'm glad this is where we stayed. 

It was definitely a trip we'll remember!

First smore of her life (turns out she prefers just the marshmallows!)
I was so happy to catch up on my knitting - it's been about 2 years!

There were lots of lady beer cans

We also got out of the Can House to enjoy the high temperatures (65 degrees the day before we left!):

I also shot a quick video of Lil Lovebird snow tubing for the first time:

Here's looking ahead to perhaps another trip to the Can House next year!

What unique properties have you stayed at? Do you think you could handle staying at the Can House or is it a little too strange for your taste?

P.S. Here's a video of Lil Lovebird ice skating for the first time too!