Friday, December 13, 2013

Loving These Party-Themed Links!

This weekend is our 5th annual Christmas cookie exchange party, and thankfully I have Mr. Lovebird home with me today to prepare. We have a cleaning crew scrubbing all the nooks and crannies as this post goes up (I wish we had one post-party too, but I think I can handle that!).

Our 2011 cookie exchange seems so long ago!
With only a couple more weekends of party season I have a few party (and a couple non-party) related links to share:

  • As someone who's lamented failing to get RSVPs, this NYT piece helped me understand why it's still so hard for some folks to RSVP especially in this digital age
  • Still lacking inspiration for a holiday party but want to throw something together? Check out this handy cheat sheet infographic
  • This comparison of a 20-something party vs. a 30-something party really hit home with me (especially the casserole dish one!)
  • If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm developing quite the stash of washi tape so I Heart Organizing's recent post about how to organize it all is perfect timing  
  • The definitive (and kinda gross) answer to the age-old question of whether to wash your raw chicken before cooking

Any parties this weekend? I'm still hoping to someday host my own Favorite Things party, but no room in the schedule this season.