Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A MLK Family Weekend

It's been an unwritten tradition the past couple years that we get to see my parents (last year we went to MD), and this year my mom came up to see us (my dad had to work, but we'll see him in April!). As always by the end of a weekend I've planned my poor mom needs a massage and a foot soak, but she assured me it was well worth it. I think the pictures will make you agree:

Nana arrived bearing a special gift: handmade PJs, perfect for Nia's sick day (she's better now!)
Our first time being first in line at our favorite brunch spot Clinton Street Baking Company so we had to document it (and Mr. Lovebird quite festively!); we got there 30 minutes before opening otherwise would've face a nearly 2 hour wait!

Sunday I ran to pick up these free books from a fellow mom part of my local meet-up group; it's such a resource! I've read Ina May's book before but not the others
Annnnd more brunch on Sunday with my BFF and another West coast friend right before he had to fly back (and I had to go run more Alt related errands!)
Jewelry shopping with my sister who introduced me to this spot; turns out they have one in Jersey City too!

Loving my twist out by Blow-Out (I blogged about the salon here)
It was a domino effect of the family waking up to admire the sunrise yesterday morning - our view never gets old!
Nana joined us for a bouncy play date yesterday morning
Putting Alt SLC outfits together & attempting to pack; my seamstress mommy helped immensely!
Previewing my outfits for Alt (I'll also wear the statement necklace on the right with the outfit on the left along with matching earrings)
A cab selfie before my mommy went home
We let Lil Lovebird stay up late to watch part of this special with us on Bounce; I ended up in tears, and she hugged me so tightly. Love her!
Talenti and Downton: how I decompress
How was your long weekend? Relaxing or taxing?