Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Blogging the Same as Reality TV?

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Winning our first cruise helped Mr. Lovebird "see the light" when it comes to the power of blogging and social media, but even still he expresses his doubts from time to time, and we've disagreed on a few points including his opinion that blogging is the equivalent of reality TV.

I remember being addicted to the first season of Survivor when I was in college and besides The Real World, it was the first time I really grasped the concept of reality TV as a genre. After graduation and working in media where I planned my clients' TV schedules I remember many of them lamenting over when the reality TV "fad" would be over. Twelve years later it's still going strong however the quality has definitely changed especially since the dawning of programs like Jersey Shore.

While the issue of bloggers sugar-coating their editorial in a scripted kind of way can be similar to reality TV, in how I interact with the blogosphere I find blogging to be distinctly different from reality TV for these reasons: 

  • It's a community - from meeting bloggers IRL to local events and national conferences it's shown me that there are a collective group of people writing about topics that I too am passionate about; while I definitely maintain offline connections too, it's empowering to know at the click of a button I have this network available to me 

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  • It offers professional growth - although I've stepped away from corporate, the ability to consult, speak and be a brand ambassador has allowed me to continue to draw upon my previous career in media and marketing (Real Housewives and growth?! I don't think so!)
  • It's informative - sure there are blogs that are more entertainment based, but I've found the biggest value in learning from other bloggers especially during my first pregnancy; it was such a comforting feeling to read fellow bloggers who had gone through similar situations and shared practical advice
  • It provides opportunities - from trying out products to local events and conferences I've enjoyed things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to without blogging and many times for free - my brief stint watching Basketball Wives never gave me any of that!
Whether you're a reader of blogs or a blogger what value do you find in blogs? Do you think it's the same as reality TV?