Friday, January 3, 2014

Movies I Finally Watched

With awards season approaching I caught up on a few movies (besides my favorite Christmas movies) over the holiday break:

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I have to admit I did shed a few tears - not all out ball like I heard was going on in the theater. I can definitely be a communal crier in the rare occasions I do cry like when I saw Titanic (Mr. Lovebird still makes fun of me for crying over that movie!).

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Similar to Gravity I had to go immediately look up which parts of this movie were fact vs. fiction. As I thought there was quite a bit of fiction. Ughhh. Still a great film though, and the original story is what I really found intriguing. 

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Maybe because of my Africana Studies classes or the films on slavery I've watched before, I wasn't as shocked by the violence as I had heard others report. Yes, it was disturbing, but it was what I expected from the type of movie it was. It didn't make me blood-boiling angry (I felt that way after Fruitvale Station), but similar to how I felt after The Butler, it made me appreciative of a story I had never heard before. This is definitely a must-watch that left me wanting to know more about similar accounts and details of Northup's descendants.

Have you seen any of these films? Have any movies to recommend? I still have yet to see Catching Fire, and I'm debating seeing The Wolf of Wall Street.