Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Around the Internet

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  • I took this quiz to see how many kids I should have and I agree with the results!
  • I'm captivated by this Amy Walker video effortlessly depicting so many accents by one actress in quick succession - what a talent!
  • This WSJ piece crystallized why I often feel overwhelmed by my parenting duties especially this part:
    • "...mothers assume a disproportionate number of time-sensitive domestic tasks, whether it's getting their toddlers dressed for school or their 12-year-olds off to swim practice. Their daily routine is speckled with what sociologists Annette Lareau and Elliot Weininger call "pressure points," or nonnegotiable demands that make their lives, as the authors put it, "more frenetic." 
  • Mr Lovebird and I have conflicting views on climate change and this article answers the question, "If the world is really warming up, how come it is so darned cold?"
  • Another thoughtful post on unplugging: "You discover who’s really important when you disconnect.”
  • There's been quite a few posts coming into my social media feeds about SAHMs/division of labor; these are my favorites:
    •  The Days, They Are Long: "I don't have much to show for my days at home, except an almost-three-year-old who challenges (and rewards) me in ways my job as a lawyer never did."
  • Something to make you get up and dance: funk is not dead (I'd love Nia to have a dance-off with her!) 

P.S. Alt Summit Day 2 recap is in progress! Here's Day 1 in case you missed it.