Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Agbai 2.0 Report: 22 Weeks and Pt. 2 of the Gender Reveal

Today's the day! We have a bit of news to share (listen closely to what Nia says at the end O_o) . . .

To say we are thrilled is an understatement! We found out a couple weeks ago with my sisters who came along for the reveal. Looking at the monitor I knew it was a boy even before the technician could get it out of her mouth. I immediately covered my eyes and cried so hard! Mr Lovebird was seated up by my head, put his head closed to mine and squeezed me tightly. Along with my sisters we all had a festive-celebration in that teeny tiny room! My sister Ariane said she got all tingly, and it felt like Christmas - that's very accurate!

We then told Nia last Saturday morning with the doll and book reveal. It was important to me to find an anatomically correct doll, and apparently Nia appreciated this: after about a couple hours with the doll she told me, "Mama, I always wanted a baby doll with a penis!" and for the next few days proceeded to tell everyone we encountered that she has a doll with a penis. However, she still insisted she wanted a baby sister. She's seemed to come around to the fact she's getting a brother now and has been so sweet with Baby Bobo (yes, that's the name she's picked for him)

Here are a few of her moments "practicing" being a big sister: 

Now on to the official Baby Agbai 2.0 report . . .

Although I'm technically 23 weeks along as of yesterday I'll count this as the 22 weeks report: 

How far along: 22 weeks

How big is baby: (from Your baby now weighs almost a pound and measures almost 11 inches from his head to his heel, which is how the Stretch Armstrong in your uterus will be measured from here on out. Up ’til now your baby’s legs were curled tight up against her torso, so he was measured from his head to his bottom (or crown to rump) and not head to toe. This week your mini is about as long as a package of Oreos and as heavy as a large bag of tortilla chips. Who’s hungry? 
Other highlights:

You’re already raising a little Einstein. Your baby’s brain is developing at a clip this week and will continue to do so until he’s five years old (so load up on the Omega 3)!

Baby’s hair is now a short, bright white crop (Billy Idol, eat your heart out!). No matter what color it will end up—red, blonde, black—all babies’ hair lacks pigment at this point.

Your baby has started growing taste buds and may be able to detect strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. If you could see inside, you might catch him sticking out his tongue for a taste and then grimacing, a sign that perhaps you should chill on the chili powder. 

Stretch Marks: Still no new ones but I'm ridiculously itchy. Ughhhh! 

Sleep:  I sleep like a baby! Congestion sometimes makes it hard to get to sleep, but once I'm out, I'm out 

Best Moment This Week: Mr Lovebird feeling the baby kick (more on that milestone below) 

Movement: Active, but still not as much as Nia was at this point; mostly reacts to loud sound and food 

Sex of the Baby: BOY - and no one better say, "Oh it could still be a girl . . .I know someone who was surprised at birth!" No, no, nooooooo! We are VERY sure this is a boy. I won't post a pic of the evidence, but it's ::ahem:: clearly a boy! 

Food Craving: Still loving salty and sour; Mexican food gives me LIFE! 

Belly Button In or Out: Out which freaks out Lil Lovebird! She points and says, "Ewwww!" 

What I Miss: Being able to breathe at night; awful congestion has commenced 

What I'm Looking Forward To: Celebrating our 5th anniversary a bit early in Puerto Rico (and our maternity photo shoot) especially with this awful weather we keep having. Snow on top of snow on top of snow. I've never experienced anything like this before!

Milestone: Mr. Lovebird finally felt the baby move on Valentine's Day during our date night when he returned from his week away on business. While he was gone I told him when he got back he'd definitely feel him, and he was skeptical, but that's the same point when he felt Nia move too. Mr. Lovebird was SO excited to feel our son move while we were watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I think we were the last ones to see it before it goes to DVD!). I guess I shoulda signed him up for this contraption. Oh and shout out to our church for having Parents' Night Out on Valentine's Day. Somehow these nights always come when I'm about to lose my mind Uka's in route from his week-long business trips, and we can meet up and go out straightaway plus Nia loves hanging out with her church buddies and the awesome staff. What a blessing!

Oh and to go back to the quiz in Pt 1: 6 of the 10 questions pointed towards boy! Mr. Lovebird thinks the biggest dead giveaway is the difference in how I'm carrying this time around.

P.S. I'm away at Toy Fair today and tomorrow so follow along on Instagram and Twitter where I'll be sharing the latest scoop on all the fun!