Monday, February 3, 2014

The Weekend Before the Big Reveal

My reality vs. my near future . . . 37 days to go!
SNOW DAY! Yep, despite the mild weather this weekend here in NYC (perfect for the Super Bowl) today we're mired in another snowstorm. School has an early dismissal, but since my anatomy scan hopefully revealing the gender is today, and it's treacherous out, Nia's staying home and a generous friend is helping me out by keeping her so I can go along with Mr. Lovebird and my sisters. Originally only Ariane was going to come then when Lauren found out work was cancelled early this morning I said, "The more the merrier, why not?!" The tech office had said it was OK to bring people along, but this is really a family affair! I think it will be fun - have any of you ever had more than one person present at your ultrasound? (We decided not to have Nia come so we can reveal to her in a special way!)
Our city played a big role in the big game
So back to this weekend . . . between knowing the anatomy scan's today (haven't decided if I'm sharing on the blog this time around), the mild weather and the Super Bowl we were feeling quite festive this weekend! Mr. Lovebird was away on business all last week - this after me being gone for four days for Alt Summit SLC (YES - the epic recap is forthcoming!). 

Here's what we were up to . . .


A pretty chill after-school play date with a friend and despite looking quite tired I let Nia stay up for her dad to come home that night. She was very excited in a, "Daddy, save me from this woman!" kind of way. Yep, it's like that!

Mr. Lovebird jokes when he comes home, "OK, what does Daddy have to do???" And of course I had a request: I just wanted our new HomeGoods art hung above our dining table. We followed the rule of 57 as seen on Apartment Therapy, and I'll have a dedicated post about it soon . . . Happy with the results! 


Up early at 6:30a.m. to go grocery shopping in the burbs before returning Mr. Lovebird's rental car and heading into the city for a special screening of The Lego Movie

Nia LOOOOOVED it - and we did too! Kids and parents laughed all through the movie, and I have to admit while Mr. Lovebird and I did both nod off briefly due to our early wake-up (and me cause of this baby 2.0 sucking away all my life force!), Nia was AMPED the entire.time. 

Upon returning home she carefully placed her movie poster above her bed and kept talking to it and naming all the characters. She's already asked to see it again! I highly recommend going (and splurging for 3D!) - it's a lot of fun! Opens nationwide February 7.

Next, I headed to have my hair pressed and trimmed at Blow-Out. With lots of appointments and events this week this mama needs to look good!


We slept in a little then headed to brunch at our favorite local spot - we always get French toast combos and Nia's look afterwards sums how we all usually feel - distended belly and all: 

She knew Bruno Mars would be on the Super Bowl and refused to let me do her hair allll weekend  (until last night) - she said she wanted Bruno Mars hair O_o
With our travel schedules this winter coupled with the awful weather we haven't been able to make it into the city for church regularly, so I was thrilled to finally be back at The Journey yesterday. They're kicking off a powerful series next Sunday so if you're in the area consider joining us! 

Our church is near the football festivities and we got some pictures commuting in and passing through. We even spotted Kevin Costner promoting his new film!

That night Mr. Lovebird braved the crowds to head into the city and watch the game with his BFF while I stayed in with Lil Lovebird who danced her heart out to Bruno Mars! She was in her underwear and conditioning cap so I'll spare her any future embarrassment by not posting the video, but it was sure was hilarious - she LOVES Bruno! And speaking of which I just didn't understand the haterade against Bruno Mars on my social media feeds. I can see how other overly-sexualized artists can be polarizing but Bruno?! I just don't get it, and shared my thoughts on Facebook:

Did you watch the Super Bowl this weekend or do you feel like this about it (like I do!)?


P.S. Pancake Month has started at Clinton Street Baking Company, and I'm SO excited to check it out at last later this month with a friend; here's Day 1!