Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby Agbai 2.0 Report: 36 Weeks

Happy Monday! This was my last super busy weekend out and about as Friday afternoon Nia and I braved the rain to check out a special event with Gain in the Bronx, I was up early for a GoGo squeeZ event on Saturday (thank you to my blogger buddies who stopped by!) followed by a birthday party then up early again yesterday with Nia and my sister Ariane for the New York Baby Show then some errands. Mr. Lovebird went on his "last hurrah" trip before baby #2 w/his BFF and when he got back yesterday it was time to get down to business starting on a few projects we'll (hopefully!) wrap up over the upcoming long weekend.

Now onto the Baby Agbai 2.0 report . . .

How far along: 36 weeks

How big is baby: (from Your baby continues to put on weight at about ½ pound each week. This layer of fat will help your baby regulate his body temperature after leaving your climate-controlled womb. In fact, your baby will be 15 percent fat at birth (and you … well that’s another story). Even in the womb, your baby can listen, feel, touch and see. The only thing separating him from living in the outside world is a little thing called the birth canal. 

Other highlights this week: 

His gums are firm with ridges that look somewhat like teeth, though his actual pearly whites won’t start breaking through until he’s between three months and a year old.

Your baby has definite patterns of sleep and wakefulness—opening his eyes while awake and closing them while sleeping. Your baby will become alert and turn his head toward light and sound just as a newborn would—except when you put on that Celine Dion CD. Then the baby puts his hands up, turns away and gurgles, “Oh no you didn’t!” Your baby is now around 18½ inches long and nearly 6 pounds—just about as big as a breadbox!

Stretch Marks: I suddenly have become even itchier than the last report especially under my belly which I think means more stretch marks. I'm rubbing on oils and my cocoa butter stick like CRAZY! 

Sleep: Sleeping OK, the snoring issue I mentioned last time is dying down 

Best Moment This Week: Nia giggling uncontrollably on the subway when Baby Bobo (as she refers to her brother) kept kicking her while she tried to rest on my belly - fellow subway riders enjoyed her silly moment too! 

Movement: I swear he's trying to stand up (remember when Mr. Lovebird asked that about Nia in utero?!). Nia would make quick jabbing movements, but her brother makes long, sweeping movements. I told Mr. Lovebird he moves slowly and grand, like a whale.

Sex of the Baby: Boy, boy, boy! I think of this fact from time to time and just start smiling. I cannot wait! 

Food Craving: Salad 

Belly Button In or Out: Out and looking way scarier than it did with Nia

What I Miss: Not having back pain
What I'm Looking Forward To: 
  • Mr. Lovebird not traveling - he's usually gone two out of every five weeks for work but thankfully will be home now until a week after the baby comes
  • Continuing to get organized - slowly working my way through my to-do list; this baby better not come early!
    • Finally taking a tour of our hospital - believe it or not they still have a flu restriction so Lil Lovebird cannot join us on a tour until it's lifted, and I REALLY want to go with her so she feels familiar with it before we go for the birth
    Milestone: I was hoping it'd be that my iron level was back up to normal, but it's not; sadly, it decreased even worse than it was before. The supplements taste awful (I've tried about 4 or 5 different kinds too). I'm now focusing on eating more red meat and iron-rich greens . . . On a more positive milestone note, my talented mom's started crocheting Baby Agbai 2.0's take-home outfit. In writing this post I realized I never shared a picture of Nia in her take-home outfit so here it is (thanks to my sister Ariane!):

    I can't believe the next update will be 40 weeks! For those of you who've had 2+ kids, did your subsequent pregnancies seem to fly by?