Friday, May 30, 2014

Butterfly In the Sky: It's Coming BAAAAACK!

I remember hearing faintly about Levar Burton's desire to bring back Reading Rainbow and apparently the public has declared that time is NOW!

Did you hear?  Read this to find out more. Basically, Mr. Burton put up a $1 million dollar Kickstarter campaign and more than doubled it pretty quickly. Amazing!

This post on the 80s is one of my top posts and I do have a warm, fuzzy place in my heart for Reading Rainbow as I shared here

Now I get all giddy thinking about it coming back! It brings back memories of eating Little Debbie after school snacks while watching it laying on the living room carpet (please tell me I'm not the only one who has food/childhood TV associations like that!). Anyway, for old time's sake here are a few of my favorite Reading Rainbow moments:

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  • Abiyoyo read by Pete Seeger - Mr. Lovebird, and I still recite this to each other randomly from time to time; we showed the video to Nia and it scared her
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  • The Macy's Day Parade episode - it featured Jumanji (I was terrified of this story as a kid!), and I believe the guy who later became the voice of Elmo appears at the end (take a look and correct me someone if I'm wrong!)

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  • Miss Nelson is Back - again another one that scared me, but still loved it; the full episode featuring the talent of the make-up artist from The Goonies is BRILLIANT! 

Did you watch Reading Rainbow as a kid? What are your thoughts on the Kickstarter campaign? BTW it's live for another 33 days if you want to contribute!

P.S. Did you know there was a "Mr. Rogers Meets Levar Burton" episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood??? I completely missed this awesomeness as a kid, but you can watch it here