Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Still Dream of Harlem

Wanna know my fantasy?

We end up sticking it out here in NYC-metro, purchase our current condo (it's for sale and the area's about to go through major redevelopment making us want to hold onto it), when we grow out of space we rent it out and move back to Harlem in a gorgeous brownstone and eventually get a 2nd home upstate (or in New England) to visit on weekends and someday retire someplace warm keeping one floor of our brownstone as a pied-à-terre while renting the rest, always keeping a foothold in NYC (especially since Mr. Lovebird's family is here).


A girl can dream right?

Well, here's some inspiration for my dreams:

52 Hamilton Terrace (all images via link) 

426 W. 147th ST (all images via link)

What's your real estate/geographic fantasy or are you living it right now? Where do you go for home inspiration? 

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