Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learning to Be a Big Sister with Corolle Dolls

Disclosure: I received an assortment of products from Corolle to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

I shared on Instagram a hilarious video I took of Nia's surprise when a special delivery from Corolle arrived just in time for our trip to Puerto Rico. Well, her enthusiasm for Corolle is still going strong, and I wanted to share a few special moments she's been having with her Corolle dolls and accessories. 

I met Corolle at Toy Fair 2014 and was impressed by the brand's attention to detail especially for how their dolls would meet Nia's current obsessions especially with her baby brother arriving next month:
  • Giving her dolls a bath
  • Feeding her dolls
  • Changing their diapers
  • Doll strollers
Here's what we received from Corolle: 

Two Mon Premier Bébé Bath Dolls

Mon Classique Baby Accessories Set

Nia was especially enthusiastic about this accesories set including the "real milk" that disappeared from the bottle! Even the squirt bottle of lotion had a little bit that came out seeming very realistic. This set kept her entertained most of the 3 hour plane ride to Puerto Rico and she especially enjoyed showing each feature of the accessories to our seat-mate who was kind enough to indulge her!

Mon Classique Carriage

I have to admit: I shared Nia's enthusiasm when opening up her Corolle dolls and accessories! I adored my dolls growing up and never had a stroller let alone one that was so realistic - it folds down and the bassinet event detaches to convert to a carrier.

Two Mon Classique Fashions  

 A few fun facts about Corolle:
  • They are a 30-year old French company
  • Their dolls have a unique, vanilla scent (I can't get over how it lasts even through the bath, pool, beach and traveling around the smelly city!)
  • They have 4 stages of dolls to grow with your child from newborn to 4+ 
When I was editing pictures from our Puerto Rico trip I realized just how connected Nia was to her Corolle doll which she named Maggie (the other doll, Dodo had to say home). You can go back to that post here to see how Maggie kept showing up during our trip!

Nia loves putting her dolls in interesting situations - we were waiting for dinner when I glanced over, saw this and had to take a picture! It doesn't even look real! 
Since returning from Puerto Rico, Nia continues to have fun moments with her Corolle dolls including trips to the park pushing her doll in the stroller and bath time with her dolls - they dry super quick due to their special filling!

The dolls have a hook on the back to dry quickly!

I know especially at the preschool age, pretend play is developmentally important, and I appreciate the high quality of the Corolle dolls and accessories so I can keep them for my son to play with as well. Toys that have longevity are definitely sold investments and I highly recommend Corolle when choosing dolls for your children. 

To find where Corolle dolls and accessories are sold in your area visit their "where to find us" page on their website. 

Did you use dolls to help prepare your older child prepare for the arrival of a sibling?