Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Girls: How I Became a Mom Before I Had My Daughter

#Alt Summit believes every mother counts

My mom and me
Eight, ten and twelve years. That's what separates me from my 3 younger siblings. Growing up I used to joke with my mom: ”I've done everything except actually give birth and breastfeed!" 

My siblings and me
Upon graduating from college, while my sisters were ages 12 and 14, I had the opportunity to become a resident tutor for my college town's local chapter of A Better Chance (ABC). I was fascinated by the program as I'd be working and living with girls close in age to my sisters: high school students from communities that had low rates of academic success and college matriculation.  

My girls and me
During 2 years as a resident tutor “the students” transformed into my girls. In them I saw my own sisters and considered what they were going through leading nearly parallel lives. We are still family and to witness their successes and achievements, including all of them going on to college, made me proud even in a maternal way long before I had my daughter almost 4 years ago. 

Virginia and Me {Photo Credit: Julie McGee Photography}
I believe in my girls, and I believe in organizations that support girls and women including Every Mother Counts. This Mother's Day please take 2 minutes and take 2 actions to help me support mothers around the world. Start by clicking the button below: