Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Special Sister Date Night at the UniverSoul Circus

Disclosure: I was provided free tickets to the UniverSoul Circus by Klout and was not obligated to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

I'm kinda mad at my parents because they kept me unaware of the UniverSoul Circus. I asked my mom about it recently and while she mentioned she knew of it, we just weren't a circus-going kind of family. It wasn't until I moved to NYC and kept seeing it pop up in my social media feed that I became aware of the UniverSoul Circus. I actually didn't go to a traditional circus until last year, remember? Mr. Lovebird, who doesn't like clowns, wasn't into the circus either growing up, and we really never talked about going together or taking Nia.

Well last month I received a notifcation from Klout that I had received 2 tickets to the UniverSoul Circus. I knew from Nia's ambivalence last time and her father's clown hatred that I wouldn't be taking either of them so instead I decided to turn it into a sister date. 

It was AMAZING! 

This made me the most nervous out of all the acts - 4 motorcycles spinning inside this globe!
Meeting a few of the dancers after the show!

The trapeze artists were outstanding (and thankfully, very precise!)

From the fantastically festive opening in the above video snippet, which made me want to book a trip to the Caribbean STAT, to the dance breaks and humor this was the circus on a whole.other.level! Baby Agbai 2.0 was even jumping to the rhythm in my belly!

Loved the costumes!

The UniverSoul Circus would make a great date night if I could get Mr. Lovebird to go. I think I actually could - there were no blatant clowns in the ring, but I saw a couple clown-like ushers off to the side. If I could just keep them from making eye contact with Mr. Lovebird I'd think he'd be ok!

Fuzzy but funny! Ariane and I with Lucky, the Host
If not with Mr. Lovebird, then I'll try attending again with Nia next year. I think she'd like it, but definitely on a weekend. I went on a weeknight and couldn't believe how many kids were there up late especially on a school night. Some of them looked SO tired, but were still having a lot of fun!

Thank you Klout and UniverSoul Circus for a fun sister date night!

Have you ever been to the UniverSoul Circus? Check out future tour dates here.